as a stylist for Escada

contact me for more images!

contact me for more images!

I’m always too busy working to write a summary about the work I’ve already done. Ask me if you want to know more at Here are a few links to some recent articles, and when you get a pop-up window that blocks you, click on the “gerade nicht, continue reading” next to the” JA, ich will” red button (but really, if you can, do support the!!!):

here is a link to an interview with Dagmar von Taube for ICONIST and Die Welt about the AFTER MARCH shirts in general.

here an interview with Guya Merkle of Vieri on conflict-free gold and diamonds

here is an article I wrote on the Anti-brand Brand, on Balenciaga’s Aldi scarf

here an article the new wrong rights

here on socks for the 1%

here on War Photography, in German only for now, until I find the original English version: Gibt es einen weiblichen Blick auf Krieg? Diese Idee ist absurd. Was wir aus der Ferne verlangen müssen, ist, den Alltag zu sehen

here a few tips on sustainable jewelry (scroll down below the BUY LESS photo to read the English version)